5 Tips For Surviving Student Life

Student life

For those new to university, it can sometimes seem an daunting and scary prospect, although this need not be the case. Moving away from the family home can be something that many students look forward to although for others, it may cause stress. Check out these useful tip on how to survive student life during your first term and how to make sure that you get the most out of university life.

Keep Your Finances Organised

The last thing that you want within your first few weeks of student life is to have to call home and ask for more money because you have run out. Making a proper budget and sticking to it is essential to university life. It can be very tempting to blow everything that you have by going wild in the first few weeks, but try and think long term. The money that you have has to last, so try saying no to things occasionally and it will go further than you think. We will be covering student finances in a more depth at a later point.

Try To Make New Friends

Chances are that you will not no many people in Edge Hill if you have recently come here to study, and although it can seem hard to make new friends, you will soon find that there are hundreds of amiable people all in the same position. The university organise social event regularly such as freshers week, and these present great opportunities to meet new like-minded people. Other students on your courses are likely yo have similar interests, so it is also a good idea to strike up conversations with them in order to build friendships. Often the friends that we make at university can remains friends throughout the rest of our lives.

Remember To Eat Well

Students are notoriously bad at remembering to eat the right food. Budget often comes into it, although bad habits can form if you do not plan a healthy diet. Try to visit the supermarket once a week and get all of the ingredients that you need to cook healthy food, because living on baked beans and fish fingers is far from ideal. Remember that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and if you want to do well in your studies, a good diet is essential.

Exercise As Often You Can

Although student life can be hectic and you may feel that you do not have any spare time on your hands, making time for exercise is very important. As with your diet, exercise can help you cope with mental stress, and the more you do, the better you will feel. You do not need to pay for expensive gym membership as the university has all of the facilities which you require, so there really is no excuse for being unfit.

Learn To Relax

This is the most important tip of all. Student life can be very stressful and it is easy to get things out of proportion when you feel that life is not going your way. Try to take a step back each day and meditate for a few minutes. Relaxation and deep breathing is a great way to ease anxiety and can stop problems developing throughout the course of university life.

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